Adafruit M0 RF51822

Hi everyone, I need some help figuring out how to use the bult in RF51822 BLE module on the adafruit M0 bluefruit board to send and receive some basic sensor data.
I tried using the gabbapeople/simple-byte-protocol examples for sending and receiving… It will load if I replace the soft uart node with the hardware uart but I can’t seem to be able to neither send or receive any data… Any clues?


Jst to be more clear, I’m trying to add BLE functionality to a diesel stove controller.

I already have a local input and display, though what I need is a way to get the various temperatures, pump rate, fuel level and alarms data out to a mobile device via ble, plus being able to send back on/off, alarm reset and temperature setpoint intructions to the controller.

I also have a semi-working phone app, with a reference table where all those values are referenced from and updated… Now I just need to figure out how to phisically make them talk to each other via BLE…

here is my stove controller

also, I used the following sketch in Arduino IDE (following the instructions since I can’t code to save my life) to test the BLE and it works fine sending and receving text, that’s pretty much all I would need.

is there a way it could be put into a node?

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