A thank you for XOD

As per the title, i just wanted to say thank you for XOD.

Ive come from using Visuino and XOD is way faster and even better is is way easier to create new patches and link them into new projects

The default patches are also open to EASY and learning how they work and editing , copy paste and creating new patches or linking with libraries (as im learning… Only found XOD a week ago and am having a lot of fun.

Only one tiny comment… Any chance of maybe a few more examples of using the API, creating new nodes, and how to transform existing arduino compatible libraries to XOD please?

The old addage of… Give a man a fish… Feed him for a day or teach him how to fish…

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There is a lot of information on the xod.io website, there are also many threads in the forum.

Also change to XOD for how versatile it is. But keep in mind it is in development, and it changes over time.

Thanks, working my way through the website and forum… everything is always in development … or it becomes obsolete … a product without development probably has a life of a year or two… {unless you corner the market / are the first to market}