5 volt timer for mp3 player

Hi guys just starting and thinking am over my head so need a hand, could someone tell me what node I can use to turn a 5 volt power supply on for a time eg 20 sec and go off after that Thanks

If you have a relay, you could use the delay and relay nodes:

Screenshot 2021-02-10 at 13.53.35

Here the T (Time to delay in seconds) input of the delay node is set to 20. I’ve used a tweak node to activate the delay, but you could replace this with whatever trigger you want (switch, sensor, etc.).

thankyou so much for that sorry I have been trying to trigger it with a button on a bread board but I am unsure as how to wire it up is there any change you could give me a wiring diagram please

I discussed with switches here Chicken coop door using stepper motor - #3 by speccon

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