X9C104 Digital Potentiometer

Has anyone programmed an X9C104 digital potentiometer using XOD?

Looks pretty trivial. U/D pin is high to increment resistance, low to decrement resistance. Changing INC pin to low will increment/decrement resistance one of its 100 steps. When CS pin is low and INC pin is high, current value is stored in non-volatile memory for initial value on next boot-up. All these pins can be controlled using digital-write in XOD.

Do you think I could use this IC along with an arduino to control an analog ohm meter?

If so, I can use ohm meters to make custom gauges to represent temp, pressure, etc.

Is there a way for an Arduino to output 0 to 5 V? If so, I could use a voltmeter to make custom gauges. Can the pulse width modulation from the Arduino be transformed into a 0 to 5 volt output?

I’m trying to avoid using a servo motor in the gauge. I know they are available from Adafruit.

Picture of 0 to 5 V gauge

Of course, I would put a different display on it to represent pressure, temp, etc.

Yes, PWM simulates voltage 0-5V. It MIGHT work with a meter like that.

The problem with digital potentiometer to run a gauge is you generally will not know where it is positioned on startup, so you would have to tell it to step down or up 100 times to know for sure where it was. Other than that, it might work.

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