VL53L1X Time-of-Flight Sensor

The VL53L1X can perform laser-ranging up to a distance of 4 metres. Breakout boards are available from Pimoroni, Pololu, SparkFun, etc. I’ve created a XOD library for this device by wrapping https://github.com/pololu/vl53l1x-arduino. More information on the device can be found in the datasheet.




Thank you for the contribution! Very valuable. And the library design is nice :+1:

Thank so much for your work!! Is there any chance you are working on a library for the shorter range VL53L0X. If you are, thank you in advance!

Hi Michael,

I’ve created a library for the VL53L0X:

However, I don’t actually have the sensor, so testing has been limited to checking that the example patch compiles.

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