Robot Programming

I’m working on a project to program a robot that has automatic object detection and avoidance. I’ll continue to upload videos and progress along the way.

Here is part 1: motor control. Check out this video I made showing how to use XOD to follow various movement commands by controlling the speed of the motors.


Very cool! Thanks for sharing.

Looks like you’re fighting the quick search box which constantly appears again after you’ve done with it. Am I right? We gonna adjust UX carefully to handle clicks, double-clicks, and quick search better.

I actually hadn’t noticed that quick search box popping back up until I went back and watched the video again. I guess I had it in my head to double click to add a node from quick search instead of just a single click and that’s why it kept popping up. It didn’t bother me though. I probably didn’t notice it because it automatically goes back away when I start doing something else in the workspace.