Potentiometer range-time


What am i doing wrong?
Can not get the led to be ON for more than 1 second.

I tried different values potentiometers.


If TIME-POT is the pot from the inbuilt common-hardware library, then the output from VAL will be in the range 0-1. You can modify this range using the map node. If you want a range of 0-10 seconds, you could use the map node as follows:
Screenshot 2022-03-29 at 20.15.13

As wayland noted, pot-VAL will only provide values between 0 & 1, as is clearly documented by the node if you view the help for it.

As a short-cut to the ‘map’ node, you could also multiple the pot-VAL by 10 to get 0-10 seconds. The ‘map’ node just makes it easier to map from ranges other than 0-1 or to ranges that might not start with 0.

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Thank you!

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