Potentiometer callibration

Hi all!

I use this min max node to set maximum brightness output on my dimmer construction.

I can also change the min value or starting value if you will.

But because potentiometer is not perfect I can’t get 0 light when I increase pwm output resolution to 12-14 bit.

How can I do so that under a sirten threshold of pot valu the the output is 0?

I don’t know if this is the best way to do it but I got some kind of results with this:

It filters the input signal so it is stable and don’t flicker.

It also sets 0 to PWM output if the value is below 0.0023.

The issue is that the value 0.0023 change if I change Tmax on the “map” node.

To get zero output using map, you just need to know the min/max values output by your POT. Set those as Smin/Smax in map, then use 0/1 (or 0/_smaller_than_one to limit max brightness) for Tmin/Tmax

Thank you, it works.

If you have any Ide how to fix the led nod with 14-bit pwm, pleas help.



Led node works.

I started a new project, I dont eaven need a filter.

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