Node to link a string to pulse

I would like to make a bell wireless with button link with 433rf transmitter to buzzer timed node with 433rf receiver. I need a node to link 433 rf receiver with the pin SET of node buzzer-timed. This pin is a PULSE and the MSG pin of the node 433 receiver is a STRING

Try the following:

When the string 1 is received a pulse will be sent to the SET input of the buzzer-timed node. The pulse-on-true node emits a pulse when false changes to true, so after sending the buzzer activation string 1, you will need to send another string (anything other than 1) to reset the node to the false state.

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I tried but didn’t work, may be the problem is the transmetter

The problem here is that the if-else node is outputting 1.00 when true, because the T input is a number. Make the inputs to if-else strings by enclosing them in quotes:

I put the quote but it doesn’t work. My button is pull up with resistor of 10K. When I push the button the watch node indicate True.
When we link the node buzzer-timed with a Pulse the sound spend the time indicate on pin T, right?

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an other info, the node watch link with the exit of equal node read False either I push button or not

I’ve just tested this on my hardware and everything seems to be working. The transmitter patch I used is exactly the same as the one I pasted above. For the receiver I used pin D2 rather than D0 for the buzzer, so that serial was available for debugging. For the receiver you could run the following patch in debug mode to check that you are receiving the message “1” when the button is pressed on the transmitter:

The button node on the transmitter patch enables the internal pullup resistor on the digital pin (in this example D2), so you can simply connect one terminal of the switch to D2 and other terminal to ground (see:


eureka,it works,THANK YOU SO MUCH
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thank you for the knowledge you gave me. I will explain to my grandson

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Dear Sir,
Really I simply understand you sketch of 433 RF.

Kindly help us for NRF24L01+ in programming node sketch.
I search almost all google about NRF24L01+ but not found any solid solutions. Always Arduino program not respont with NRF24L01+.

***XOD program as NRF24L01+ Master & Salave “message: HELLO WORLD”

Kindly share something with us for vast knowledge & email.
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I think it should be possible to create a XOD library for the NRF2401+ by wrapping the following Arduino library:

If you have some C++ experience and want to give this a try, follow these instructions:

Unfortunately I don’t have the hardware, so it would be difficult for me to create a XOD library. It might be worth requesting a node here:

Sorry not to be of more help.

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