Nema 34 soft start

Hi. I am wrestling with my first “real” project. There is a Nema 34 involved which is to handle an up and down movement with the help of a screw (300mm movement).

Everything works the way I want, but I would like to drive a little faster. Right now 300 rpm is max. The engine starts directly at the set speed. If I increase the speed, it only buzzes as the worst buzzer.

Now to the question, is it possible to sneak it in somewhat smoothly and is it possible to run it a little faster in that way?

Grateful for inputs …

Stepper motors have a Max RPM, which will be dependent on the specific motor, voltage used, torque required, etc. Using a soft start might allow you to get a little more speed out of it since it will reduce the torque required for startup. The fade node would be one option for ramping up the speed, but it would not be trivial to implement if you want to ramp up slowly, but stop quickly.