Encoder 360 pulse

Hello. Friends help with the project. I use the nkrkv \ encoder library to read encoder steps for 360 pulses. signal wires are pulled up to 5v through 10kom resistance. connected to nano to pin 2 and 3. The problem is that when rotating faster than 1 revolution in 5 seconds, it skips steps. when spinning faster, it generally stands still. What can be wrong?

what model of encoder? If the standard KY-040 on the board there are already the necessary resistors and with it I do not have gaps during rotation.

Unfortunately, I do not have such equipment to check it with me.

If you have a load on the motor, it may not be able to spin faster. If there is no load, it should be able to handle 2000 rpm (33 revolutions per second). Unless it is a faulty motor or it has too much load, it should not be a motor problem (assuming it is wired correctly). I’ve never worked with stepper motors, so not sure how else to help…

it is not a stepper motor. just an encoder that tracks shaft movements in one direction or another. I tried to eliminate the chatter using a 1 pico facade capacitor. it got a little better. I think this code just does not have time to process such a number of pulses.

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