Multiplexing with 74HC4067


Cool:) Maybe also change the names of in/ouputs to match that in the drawing in the beginning of the thread: instead of a,b,c,d maybe S0,S1,S2,S3 etc:)


When I made the library, it was in relation to logica digital, I will update it for the board, what is your board hc4067?


I dont remember (im not at home right now). But maybe base it on this, since its very popular with the arduino:


In your link, there is a “byte-to-bits” node. I cant seem to find it anywhere. Where do I find it? Thanks


and MERRY CHRISTMAS!:slight_smile:


And another thing: It would be nice, if the “read4067” node, had distinct outputs for each input (0-15). Right now, it only has 1 output, the VAL. Maybe even a “combined VAL”, and “Out0 VAL”, “OUT1 VAL”, “Out2 VAL”, etc etc. This is only a suggestion of course:)


it here example-hc595.xodball


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When I did, I thought about using the same entry selector to activate each internal process by taking a single exit.
But it’s a good idea, I’ll keep it in mind. Only now there is a limitation of outputs to do it in C ++, I’ll see what I can do


THANKS:) In my specific project, i want to take the 16 inputs, and store them and possibly manipulate them, so having access to each one of them woul be amazing:)


test update cesars/4067 :slightly_smiling_face:

fix S0…S3


Looking great! Karma should be your best friend:)


Had a look at your exmple file, and i cant seem to find the bytes to bit node in it?:slight_smile: Just whenever you have time. No stress!
Another thing:
Using your latest node, i get an error:


byte to bits is there in the example, I just downloaded it

In your patch I do not understand the function of the nodes on the left, they are not necessary


try again, at the first error, it seems to be a bug



Yes, the nodes on the left are just left-overs from som experimentation:) And found the bytes to bits. Will try later today. (away from my arduino.


the error refers to a gate node, not defined.
already defined, library updated


Ah. Ok, my mistake then.Sorry!


new error:


version library is 3.0.7? try again

I tested it in a clean installation and just downloading the library, and I did not have that error, tested in 2 PC without error


Very weird. Yes 3.0.7 I just updated it again, and i get the same error.

Weirdness. Im in the newest XOD version. v0.25.3 (2018-11-22)

This is the code for the gate:



oh, fix OUT1 gate(number) to C0, OUT2 is an error, maybe of its installation, because here it does not happen