Motion sensor with voice recorder

I am new to programing I think XOD and Arduino could be what I need. I need a motion sensor to activate a voice recorder and flash an LED light in sync with spoken words. I am not familiar with what Nodes to use. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, best regards Terry

Here is a link talking about getting audio with an arduino:, but it doesn’t try to record anything (just read audio levels). There are plenty of other discussions for general audio input with arduino that might be helpful, but you will need to convert their code to use in XOD. Since this example is using analog-read to input value, you could use that output to directly set led-LUM (brighter LED for louder sounds), or you could compare the value to a specific threshold and turn the light on when audio is greater than that value.

what I need is to have Arduino take the signal from a motion sensor and activate a voice recorder such as the isd 1820 to play back a recorded msg and flash a LED in sync with the msg.

Basically 1x digital input and 2x digital outputs will do what you want…

Or you could make it more complex and use an analog input too to sample the audio and generate a PWM signal for the digital output pin to the flashing led… To make it in sync with the audio