Microcomtroller programming with XOD

I am sorry if I am asking this question. I just discovered Xod. I am not a great coder, Xod is great for a guy like me that does not want to spend all my time debugging code, I want to create a program and watch it run.
My question is the following: Ounce I have created my project with XOD, I would like to be able to upload it to the Arduino IDE to program my microcontroller I.E ATTINY85.
Basically, Is there a way to extract the C++ code of my project from XOD so that I can import it into the Arduino IDE?
Thank you

Select Deploy > Show Code for Arduino, then copy the transpiled code and paste it into Arduino IDE. Judging from past discussion, this may not work since Tiny has limited data types & functions: Github for ATTiny port of XOD

Note that even if you do get it to work, any graphical programming language like XOD is going to have additional overhead, so the final program is going to require additional memory and CPU cycles, so unless you have a very simple project, XOD on a Tiny may not be a viable option anyway.

Which micro controllers are compatible with xod and the arduino IDE environment?
Has anybody out there tried to program a xod project into an ATTINY85?

Once you select upload option, there is a drop-down for selecting the Arduino model to upload to. There are also other discusions on this forum about adding other models.

I just uploaded my xod temperature controlled PWM fan control sketch onto an ATTIN85 with arduino as ISP, and it works great.
Thank you all for your great input.

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