Library For DFROBOT Display

Hello, I am having trouble getting a display to work.

The display in question is a DFRobot Gravity: I2C LCD1602 Arduino LCD Display Module (Blue)

My question is does XOD have a library suitable for this display.


Hi, @looser!
That is the typical sign-generating display. I suppose your one is driven via I2C.
XOD has the xod-dev/text-lcd/ library.
Have a look at this guide:

Hello gabbapeople,

Sorry for the delayed response.
I have no problems with the typical LCD1602 displays with a i2C comms board attached to the back. using text-lcd-i2c-16x2. ( EBay)
So far the DFR0555 displays haven’t shown any sign of life at all.
It is as if the backlighting needs to come on before the display does anything.
On there web site they have a sample sketch in Arduinio IDE.( and a link to a library file DFRobot_LCD.h
I imported that file in a zip form into Arduino.IDE and got Specified folder/zip file does not contain a valid library Thats when i gave up on trying to get the displays working in Arduino.IDE
Got on to DFRobot support - and got the usual no reply.
I have used cesars i2C scanner and got no response.
The specifications document is a good read for someone that knows what they are looking at, that someone certainly is not me.
I need to get these displays working in XOD if not they are heading for the bin,
a shame because they are new and look to be high quality,


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