Is there a clock node that turns on by a true or false statement with an adjustable set on time

I want to take a value from a sensor and have it turn a digital write node to true for a set time that I can adjust. The clock node would of been perfect but it does not connect to the digital signal node of the digital write node. Could the clock node still work in this situation but wired up in a way Im not familar with or is there a premade node for this already?

Actually it looks like the flip-n-times node is what I’m needing. Looking into the node now and seeing how I can make it work.
edit: Yeah. Flip-n-times node is what I was looking for.

If you only want it turned on for a set time after trigger then turn off, delay node is probably more appropriate (but flip-n-times can be used).

Because I didn’t know how to do the time clock off. I used debounce and its on an auto watering system for one plant in a pot. The debounce actually works better than I thought it would. I might actually stick with the debounce for it. Im going to watch it some more and see how it does.

Unless you have an RTC (Real Time Clock), two delay nodes would probably be the easiest way to program this. The first delay could run for 24 hours, then DONE pin triggers next delay that runs for a couple seconds. ACT pin on second delay can be used to activate watering. DONE PIN on second delay node can be used to trigger first delay node to restart the process.

Likely you will want to have a boot node that triggers second delay so watering happens on boot/reset. You will need to start/reset system when you want watering to happen. If exact time is important, you will need to reset occasionally since time will likely drift from real time.

Cool. Thanks for the tip.