Any chance this can be added to distribution? It doesn’t make much sense by itself, but if-else is used as building block for other nodes like select. My queue-buffer node doesn’t work with boolean values because this function doesn’t exist.

I have one, because I needed it.
in __lib __ /xod/core/ create a copy of if-else(number) and rename if-else(boolean)
start xod, add an if-else(boolean) change pines number to boolean, save a project with any name, that will have modified and saved the node.

If in the future it is native, it will only overwrite the existing one


ps: if you create it in your gweimer/util library when you look for it in the selector it will also appear

Well, we should make it generic. Issued https://github.com/xodio/xod/issues/1764 to keep the track