I2C node input/output reversed

I’m very new to this forum, and only just beginning to use XOD.
There appears to be a few mistakes with the nomenclature used for input and output ports.
In particular, if I select an input I2C port, it has only an OUTPUT terminal.
Similarly, if I select an output I2C port, it has just an INPUT terminal.
Are these nodes reversed, or is my interpretation of their use wrong ?

This also appears to be the case for other nodes, so I’m guessing I am using them incorrectly.

Can someone please assist this learner ?

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If the node is pulling input from i2c, it needs to output that data to the next node. Similarly, if the node is outputting data to i2c, you need to input data to the node for it to send.


Thanks gweimer. So an input node will actually output data - OK. So how do I give it the I2C data then ? There is no other connection.
Sorry for my ignorance about this, but not sure where to find the information, having not used I2C nodes before.
Thank you.

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The input node will get input from the I2C bus. The output pins are for passing this data to your program. You give it data by sending it over the bus.

If you want to send data over the I2C bus, use the output node. The input pins are for telling it what data to send…

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Thanks again gweimer.

I’ll give it a go using the information you have supplied. Most helpful.


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