I2c lcd display scrolling

I am making a program of burner controller on XOD and i want to display the logo on scrolling which is exceeding the letters kindly help me with that, your prompt response with be appreciated

Some LCD hardware might support that for you, but I don’t think the current LCD nodes in XOD will work that way.

First you need to determine if you are trying to support horizontal or vertical scrolling.

Probably your best bet is to create a new LCD node that takes in the additional text, displays initial text, then updates text after delay.

If you don’t want to do it as C++ code, you could code it as a wrapper for the existing LCD node. One option would be to use gweimer/utils/queue-buffer to loop through lines of text for vertical scrolling, but you would need to know ahead of time how many lines of text to scroll (or at least a maximum & display blank lines if fewer lines are given). The queue-buffers could be configured in a loop to repeat the cycle. To set new lines, you probably need a select node for the NEW pin on each queue-buffer node to select node inputs or queue-buffer outputs. A clock node could be used to generate pulses to cycle the queue-buffers & scroll the text.

Horizontal scrolling would probably be a lot easier in C++, but could probably be done as a wrapper as well.

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