[I want a node] SDS011 fine particle sensor

SDS011 fine particle sensor

A node for the SDS011 dust sensor. Connects to a serial node and provide particle measure for pm2.5 and pm10 size as reported by the device. This device is the most used particle sensor in hobby and citizen air quality monitoring projects.


  • INa (uart, default=1) — an existing uart provided by xod
  • RST (pulse, default=never) — resets the sensor
  • UPD (pulse, default=never) — update the sensor and record the reading


  • PM2.5 (float) — the PM2.5 particle count
  • PM10 (float) — the PM10 particle count
  • ERR (pulse) — true if sensor errors

I’d love to work on this but I really need help… Here is imho a good arduino lib that could be used : https://github.com/lewapek/sds-dust-sensors-arduino-library

The problem is that I have no idea how to decouple the use of serial in the lib and use the uart provided by xod instead. Can it be done? What would you recommend? Any existing sensor node I can have a look at?

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