I need help for the Lcd i2c tutorial

I have just started to learn the Xod programming and I am doing the tutorials (on the latest version of MacOs) ; In the tutorial 108-text-lcd, i have made everything as they say, I made all connections on the board as said, but there is always an error on the testing and deployment part (sorry for the screenshots, I can’t put more than one in a post):

Thanks in advance!

Do you have a pic on how you have the nodes connected together?

If you are doing simulation it will not work, you should use debug, so the wire library error and LLVM

already tried for the debugging. got the same error.

Here it is:
oh, and by the way, my Board is an adruino Uno that I connect to an 16x2 Lcd with i2c

then try, menu > deploy > Upgrade Packages and Toolchains

it tells me that all the packages are up to date.

Does it work when you delete the node connected to l2?

No it doesn’t work. It tells me the same error

delete the folder .../user/xod/__package__ and try again

many make the mistake of using simulator, even I did it at the beginning, the simulator does not work with board or external libraries

here simulate that node I get the same error, it is something that is not clearly noticed

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but when I try with the board and I run the code (with debugger or not) it shows me this :

Up here is the important thing, in the middle of the log … “compiling”, from there or down below the errors will be marked, the part marked in red is a summary but does not say much. It is something very frequent, I recommend reading most of the posts about errors there are many failures that are repeated.

I think I’ve found the problem and here’s a solution that will work for now:

  1. Click “Upload to Arduino”
  2. Click “Update” button next to the board selection box
  3. Close the popup
  4. Go to main menu Deploy -> Upgrade Arduino Packages & Toolchains…
  5. Click “Upgrade” button (it should have some outdates packages)

If it does not work for you, please report here again and paste the full log of the compiler tab.

I’ll try to fix it in the nearest hotfix and probably make an autoupdating of the package indexes.

ok, thanks, I will try it when I come home.

Here is the the fix: https://github.com/xodio/xod/pull/1869

It will automatically update package indexes when user opens “Upgrade Arduino Packages & Toolchains” popup. So the procedure will be easier in the version 0.31.1 (just points 4 and 5), which will be released ASAP.

Thank you for all the help!

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