I don't see current value on servo

I think I should to see 0.34 on the node from position-value - VAL
but I see only 0.52 and this value don’t changes when I change value from potentiometer. Also servo is moving.

How I can fix it?

And what exactly mean Pmin Pmax in servo-device?

try pulse-on-change from map output to UPD

You are creating 2 different servo devices attached to the same pin. servo includes code to create a servo & move it, then you create a different servo device and request position of it. You can’t use the xod-dev/servo/servo short-cut if you want to be able to query the position later. You will need to create a single servo device & pass it to both rotate and position-value. Open the servo patch, and you will see how it is actually coded.

FYI: position-value is just returning where you’ve asked the servo to move to. Standard servos have no way to report their actual position.

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