How can I turn on led through websocket?

I have already managed to manage leds, relays and servos through mqtt with json messages, but I would also like to do the same but through websocket, and the truth is that I have not seen any library or example. With vscode and platformio I have used the gilmaimon/ArduinoWebsockets@^0.5.3 library and it works very well for me.

Can you make a WS connection with the libraries that XOD brings?

A little help wouldn’t hurt… :crazy_face:

Unfortunately, active XOD development has been paused/stopped since the Russian developers were hit by sanctions from the Ukraine invasion, and there are only a couple of us monitoring this forum and trying to help users when we can. If we don’t have access to hardware or experience with a technology you are looking to implement, there is not much we can do to help.

There are some nodes for generic Internet communication, but building websocket protocol on top of them will probably not be trivial. If there is an Arduino IDE library that you can use, there are ways to create XOD wrappers for those libraries, but unfortunately, it is also not trivial. Wrapping Class-based Arduino Libraries — XOD

I didn’t know the reason was this. I hope that there will be peace soon and the situation normalizes.

No sabía que la razón era esta. Espero que pronto haya paz y la situación se normalice.

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