Help in how to put XOD onto linux ubuntu

Can XOD ide be loaded onto Ubuntu? If it can, could some one post line by line instructions on how to load it up. I am really fed up with windows and would like to try Linux for stability. I had a friend who ditched windows several years ago and was a Yoda of Linux try to get me onto it, unfortunately he passed away a couple of weeks ago.
Deeply appreciate any help

I install systems long ago, xp is only for some cnc or some small computer, windows 7 I get tired, the 8 and 8.1 bad, not to mention windows Milenim and Vista, now with W10 64 my problems were over, before I loaded drivers with W7 and bye system. I use version 1903.

in the forum search engine if you put ubuntu there are several threads

Thanks a lot cesars thumbs up

I use Manjaro but Im sort of a newbie on Linux. It kind of looks like all you have to do for ubuntu is to run the .deb file according to this site. With Manjaro I have to take the .deb file and run it through a program to change its file format before I can install it. I love Linux though. Linux is way more efficient of an operating system. Plus I don’t ever have to worry about auto updates ever again. I’m not being spied on by Microsoft either. Plus if you ever used Windows 1998 or 2000 and like that better than windows 10. You would love linux. Windows 10 is a confusing cluster mess of arbitrary bull$hit. Windows 10 doesn’t flow like Miccrosoft old operating systems. Its an annoyance to use. I will never switch back to windows.

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I suppose that you have ubuntu already installed. installing XOD is an easy job . Here are the steps:
open a terminal
check your linux version using the command “hostnamectl”
look to the last line in the result. It may look like “Architecture: x86-64”
Go to XOD downloads and download the corresponding compressed file (normally .dep)
When the download completes double click on the downloaded file it will open ubuntu software window
Click on install.

for the reply uther2017 and omran I have everything installed with out any issues

need some help again with Ubuntu. Due to the fact I had my drive partitioned for Windows and Ubuntu, windows malfunctioned as usual so I reloaded Ubuntu on the whole drive. Now the issue I cannot install xod (.deb) . I down loaded the newest version put when I click the install button the install bar will come up stay at 0 for about 5 seconds then revert to the original install window. This will repeat if I click the install button again.
Thanks g-p