Help in creating a node!

Good Afternoon, please help me create a node. I need the address coming from ds18b20 to be broken by get-temp-C!!

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Uploading: 2.png…

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I wouldn’t recommend using the get-address and get-temp-c nodes in the same patch. When working with multiple thermometers I think it is best to first determine the address of each device using the example-read-address patch (see Multiple DS18B20 Thermometers on Single OneWire Bus - #6 by wayland). Then you will know exactly which thermometer you are reading when you use get-temp-c.

However, if you have to combine get-address and get-temp-c in the same patch, you can use the nodes in this xodball:
get-address-bytes.xodball (19.9 KB)
Example patch from xodball:

Don’t forget to use request-temperatures node to make sensors perform temperature conversion before reading temperature using get-temp-c node (see example-read-temp-multi-devices).

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thank you very much!!

I loaded the blocks but the output temperature is 85. what could be the problem Thank you!!

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You have to use the request-temperatures node to make sensor(s) perform temperature conversion before reading temperature using get-temp-c node:

If you still get an output of 85 after adding the request-temperatures node, then there may be a problem with your wiring (see DS18B20 reading 85°C - Raspberry Pi Forums).

Good day does not work (((please tell me what the problem may be Thank you!! I use arduino DUE!

On the request-temperature node, set the UPD input to Continuously.

good afternoon!! THANK YOU!! EVERYTHING WORKS!!! I will continue to connect the screen and display information. If you have any questions, can I contact you??

Great to hear that you’ve got it working. Please post any questions to the forum and I or someone else will do our best to help you.

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thank you!! there is a question how the program sets the location of the inputs and outputs when creating a node?? and is it possible to change them?

XOD will display input and output pins for a node in the same left-to-right order they appear inside the patch. Swapping them in the patch will swap them in the node.

good day!! this block still works, but very slowly!! can you tell me how to increase the speed of the survey?? I also connected the LCD keypad shield to check the speed of pressing all the same slowly for about 20 seconds.

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