Have you got problems with installing XOD IDE and blinking LED?


Thank you for the details. Will try to fight all Arduino IDE communication bugs at once.


Hi, First, thanks for the app, it’s a funny and fast way to program, I don’t have any problem loading the blinking led program with the arduino ide, but if I try to load directly with the xod ide I can’t. The ide show this:
"Your program is uploading onto device.
Do not unplug the device.
Port with connected Arduino was found. Installing toolchains…"
I’m on fedora 26 and Arduino 1.6.6 from the distro, but it’s the same with the latest.


@damianabaddon When you see the message, behind the scenes XOD downloads tools necessary to compile your program. They are few dozens of megabytes in size and so the download could take some time. The tools are downloaded only once.

Could you give it a chance to complete the download? Perhaps you’ve surrendered too quickly. We have no download progress indicator yet, sorry.

If it still looks like a hang, could you press Ctrl + Shift + I to open the developer console? There should be some error information related to the toolchain installation problem. Post the text, please, and I will try to help.


Yes, it still looks like a hang and I haven’t seen any network activity from xod.


Hmm… that’s strange.

Could you try

$ rm -rf ~/.config/xod-client-electron/

and then try upload again. If doesn’t help, please, post your

$ ls -la ~/.config/xod-client-electron/


It seems that the download is ok but…
Now, the ide show this:

Oops! Error occured.

Error occured during uploading: ChildProcessError: Command failed: “/opt/XOD IDE/resources/arduino-builder/arduino-builder” -hardware="/opt/XOD IDE/resources/arduino-builder/hardware" -hardware="/home/abaddon/.config/xod-client-electron/packages" -tools="/opt/XOD IDE/resources/arduino-builder/tools" -tools="/home/abaddon/.config/xod-client-electron/packages" -fqbn=“arduino:avr:nano” -build-path="/home/abaddon/.config/xod-client-electron/upload-temp/build" "/home/abaddon/.config/xod-client-electron/upload-temp/xod-arduino-sketch.cpp"
avr-g++: error: missing device or architecture after '-mmcu='
exit status 1
"/opt/XOD IDE/resources/arduino-builder/arduino-builder" -hardware="/opt/XOD IDE/resources/arduino-builder/hardware" -hardware="/home/abaddon/.config/xod-client-electron/packages" -tools="/opt/XOD IDE/resources/arduino-builder/tools" -tools="/home/abaddon/.config/xod-client-electron/packages" -fqbn="arduino:avr:nano" -build-path="/home/abaddon/.config/xod-client-electron/upload-temp/build" "/home/abaddon/.config/xod-client-electron/upload-temp/xod-arduino-sketch.cpp" (exited with error code 1)


@damianabaddon Thank you for the reports. I can confirm XOD fails to compile for Arduino Nano. We’ve tested on Arduino Uno, Leonardo, Due, M0, and they work fine.

I’ll try to investigate the issue with Nano’s.


The XOD doesn’t have access to my USB ports even though I have the desktop version


Would you provide more details?

  • What OS do you use?
  • Do you see the port with Arduino in the drop-down list or not?
  • What errors (in verbatim) do you get when trying to upload?
  • Does the original Arduino IDE has these problems?


I use windows 7 levono. I do see Arduino Uno is the list but it can’t find my Arduino Uno. Also, I use an R3 Elegoo module. I cannot download the Arduino IDE either.


I believe if the PC has admin restrictions XOD physically can’t override them. If Arduino IDE works but XOD is not, that’s a bug; otherwise that’s a problem out of XOD scope.


That’s a pretty old thread and I’m gonna close it so that the various problems don’t pile up in a single heap. For anyone having a problem while setting up XOD, please, start a new topic with a sonorous title.