Games console builds

i’m thinking off build a arduino powered games console with XOD i wondered if there was anyone else who want to and if anyone could help. :slight_smile:

If you are looking for a practical way to create a games console, Arduino/XOD is probably not the best option, primarily due to lack of EEPROM & RAM space for handling game code & graphics. If you are just looking for a project for learning XOD, I would recommend starting with something simpler and working your way up.

If you just want the challenge of implementing simple games like pong and snake in XOD, then go for it :slight_smile: You probably want to start with a graphics display that is already supported by XOD; you can always upgrade later if you get to the point you think it is worth it. I would also recommend just starting with a larger Arduino model with more memory to avoid issues early on.

Take baby steps. Start with a menu to select games that just shows game name when selected. Code a few basics for the simplest game you can think of, then start linking the pieces together and work your way up to a playable partial game and then finish it up before moving on to the next game. If you start running out of memory early in the process, it might not be worth continuing. If you run out of memory well into the process, maybe you can optimize to be able to finish. You might need to come up with a way to load games (or even just parts of games) on the fly to be able to have enough memory, but your Arduino probably won’t last long if you keep re-flashing it each time you run a game…

i got a elegoo mega 2560 starter kit for my tenth birthday so im not in secondary school but thanks for the help.

oh and also im using 2 8 x 8 led matrixes for games and an lcd display for choosing games. And for the games it would be like snake and stuff like that.

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