DS18b20 Thermometer chip unreliable

Has anyone else found the generic Thermometer probes al-la amazon or ebay to be very erratic in their readings? ranging wildly into the thousands to minus figures?

I have tested various probes and bought one on a board to test it thinking it may be to do with the resistors in circuit etc. Is it a part quality thing or are they just like that?


The following DS18B20 thermometers have worked without issue for me:

I followed the wiring instructions provided here:

@fusionfanatic I have one in TO-92 package, and works fine.

I am not sure what the issue is with my ones, I am buying the same ones as Wayland from Amazon, they all behave the same way. In some circumstances they are very reliable for a decent amount of time. I thought it could be due to use in water (they are supposed to be water proof) So I tried brand new ones, even with the resistor on a pre-made board.

I need to put more testing time isolated from the main project.


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