Diesel Stove Controller

Controller for the webasto thermotop C-Z diesel coolant heater ECU (also applicable to the chinese knock offs).

It runs on a modified version of the Webastardo board originally designed by Simon Raffrey progammed in arduino IDE.

At the heart of it there’s a sort of dial that cycles through the various stages and timings, (much like an old washing machine program selector) that outputs a value from 0 to 7 that is then fed into a periferals enabler that turns on and off the different components (pumps, fan and so on) acoordingly…

It handles the various procedures for starting up, pid combustion manager to reach and maintain a set coolant temperature and shutting down sequence, as well as various safety, alarms, standby, information display and input via rotary encoder.

At the moment is missing BLE functionality to use with a simple phone app I’m also developing to control it remotely. A part from that is a nearly complete project, still testing few scenarios though all the failsafe and alarm interlocks seem to be working correctly.

Will have to adjust some of the timing parameters to the final values (now set to a minimum to make testing less time consuming) and add a node for a fuel level sensor when I get one as well as tuning the PID…

here’s the link to the library: gb79126/webasto-v4 — XOD

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