Combining DONE Pulses Into a Single Output

I’m just getting started with XOD, and have created a patch that homes 4 servos to their center positions. I want to use that patch in another one, and want my DONE terminal to only pulse when all 4 servos (via rotate-slow blocks) have given their DONE pulses. I found the ANY block that will output a pulse if any of the inputs are pulsed, but what I want seems like it should be called ALL or something. I can’t find anything that works this way though. Any help would be appreciated.

Look it Need join-pulses node (eventually)

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This should work:

It uses flip-flops to determine which pulses have been received. RST will start a new round of collecting pulses. OUT will only be true if each variadic (IN#) has received a pulse. The “-” input pin is for internal use only & should never be linked to anything or set to anything besides the default “true”. Code will be needed outside this patch to reset after it fires (a defer node linking the OUT pin to the RST pin would be one option if it should immediately reset each time it fires).


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