Cloud-store stops updating feed after a while


I have a program on a Node MCU v3 (esp8266-mcu) that with a concat-node creates a json for a XOD-cloud feed every 120 second. See picture below.

It works greate for a day or so but then it stops updating. The node-mcu is still connected to WiFi/Internet as it seems in my router. If I unplug the power for a complete reset it works again about the same time. The rest of the program and hardware continue to work all the time.

Have anyone a tip what could be wrong/improved OR made a working error/reset loop for the cloud-store and connect node? I have searched for examples here but with no luck.

I’m thinking of perhaps using the cloud-store “Done” pulse in a way that if it´s NOT been a “Done” puls for 365 seconds (3 uploads) it should reset the connect node. But i have had any success.

The connect-node have a error state for Connection failed but not sure how to use that in this matter.

Very grateful for your answers!

Update: With UART serial print I now see that the Connect node is Online (with a “is-connected”-node) and that the string from the concat-node also works every 120 second.

But the cloude-store node stops sending its “Done” pulse after a while everything else working. Any ideas?

I´v added a has-error node and can now on serial see that the cloud-store have an Error. The connect node is still happy. But what to do with that error? Can I somehow reset the cloud-store node?

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