Clock Node Explanation Request

I’ve been experimenting with the “Clock” Node and have discovered it doesn’t behave the way I would expect. Please shed some light on its function.


My question deals with the “EN” and “RST” ports. This is what I’ve discovered. Once EN is set to true the count down begins, in the picture above it’s set to pulse after 10 seconds has expired as long as the EN is set to true. No surprise so far. If I toggle EN from true to false before the 10 seconds has expired the node will not pulse. Still no surprise. However, if I toggle the EN back to true the count down restarts, not where it left off, but back to 10 seconds, regardless of whether I pulsed the RST port or not. It appears to always start at the set time value, in this case 10 seconds. That seams odd to me but I can deal with it. Shouldn’t it restart at where it left off before EN was changed to false?

The next scenario I find even odder yet. If I toggle EN to true and pulse the RST port the time interval does not extend out past 10 seconds from the moment EN was set to true. I was expecting the clock to restart the count down each time I pulsed the RST. As soon as 10 seconds expired from the last time I pulsed the RST the clock node would pulse, assuming the EN was set to true that entire time, was my expectation. I don’t see the purpose for the RST port on the clock if what I’ve described is the proper function for this node. It seams to me that the RST should extend the time past 10 second if pulsed during the countdown and/or it should reset the count down when EN is false.

What are your thoughts?

While it would make sense for clock to pick up where it left off counting next interval when EN pin is enabled, clock works off alarm timers, so this is not easily done. The code does seem to have odd function, though. If we did not just tick, and RST pin just pulsed or EN pin changed, then disable alarm if EN changed to false, but ignore RST or EN change if alarm is set to trigger another tick. It would seem we can assume alarm was disabled if EN pin just changed to true, and timer should be reset if EN pin is true and RST was just pulsed.

I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who finds the functionality odd. Are you saying the the reset, RST, does have a purpose? I haven’t been able to pulse the RST and get different behaviors from this node. It appears to be an unusable port and therefor unnecessary with the current logic, code. It would be handy if the RST port started the time interval over again when the EN is set to true.

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