Cant download in china as china blocks google

i would think someone would know that google is not the GOD of the internet, and that there is people living in other counties out side of the US of F$%$ A and that some of us is do have the need to try some programs to. that live out of the country that that i have just told you, thanks to BooDle as God download place
we cant use this program and that people need to work out why they would do this

XOD wake up you there is other open program that have the forskin to know this and put there files in some place not just have a big download button link to BooDle as God download

i apologize if i piss someone off and you have other way to download it but i never seen it as yet

From what I can tell, none of the developers are from USA. Your problem is the Great Firewall of China, not XOD’s choice of provider.

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that’s only discrimination for people that work in China and unfair for people that want to learn,
and for the Great Firewall, that’s only to the people that don’t know what they are speaking about, and or never lived in china for that matter, or know it this way, the fact that if google was not such a shir hole of a system and trying to take over every thing like communications eg internet and phones we would not have this sort of problem, would be much better in the world, Google has their finger up every one ass, out of china and more and more every year, in the end you will be paying google just to turn on your lights in your home if its has not happen yet.

the net is blocked in china for many good things not bad, Chinese Government have the right to run the country as they see fit, most other country don’t know how to manage 1.5 to 2 billion people

Very tempting to comment on the politics you seem intent on bringing into the discussion, but this is not the place.

I’ve worked for several companies with Chinese customers. We usually knew when China made major changes to their firewall because customers would lose access to our site for several days & no other international customers were affected. It is a fact that the Great Firewall of China causes issues for access from China, sometimes even for “good” sites. Whether the firewall is a good thing, or a bad thing is a political discussion that is not appropriate here.

This is a project run by volunteers. You don’t pay for it, and they probably have no budget. They found a free site to host downloads that seems to work for most of the world. If you would like to host downloads for China, the developers would probably be happy to work with you.

Even if you can’t download the desktop environment, you should be able to run the browser IDE. It is less convenient since you have to show arduino code, then copy & paste that into Arduino IDE, but it gets the job done. The source code is also freely available. You can download that & build the IDE yourself. To blame your inconvenience on a bunch of volunteers who bend over backward to help anyone who asks is rude and unfair.


Arduino IDE is easy to download in china from almost any place do so called firewall blocking it and it can be downloaded from torrents as well as most Open source software eg fedora.
i would be happy to set up a sever to download xod here my pc’s run 24 7 anyway and i have over 500 TB of storage at hand, but how to host a program i cant download myself

Google Cloud platform helps us to focus more on XOD itself and spend no time for hosting issues. It’s pity Google-hosted sites are blocked in China for whatever reason. It’s neither a problem of Google nor ours.

XOD is open source and free. Free as the freedom. Go ahead, fork the repository and host a distributive on the server of your choice. We and Chinese makers will thank you for that!

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would some one like to email XOD to me, this is my address.
maybe you can brake it into parts with winrar so its easy to send
it would help me a lot i have some why to host it here in china

a friend from australia sent to me after all they are a friend
but after running the program i get this
You have found a bug. ENOENT: no such file or directory
its looks like the program is not all there

i have found every small update it will go back to google so XOD is useless to use in china
i dont see any other way but to delete from using this till some better program comes out
Arduino ID update from a place that will be used for every one