Bradzilla84 preset manager modification

Hi. I have modified the bradzilla84 preset manager nodes, to have 48 inputs and 16 presets and then 48 outputs.
When i try to compile, i get this error:

Maybe its not possible to have more than 7?
The modified code:


it is not possible in XOD currently, it can be solved in cascade

Ok. I’ll do that then. But it can be done on the input side? Or do i need to cascade that too? (seems like we are the only 2 people on this forum these days;)

as long as they do not fine us for writing so much :smiley:

I do not see why so many input and output? The read-4067 node should save the readings until they are updated.

I have a hardware device that has 48 knobs. I want to have as many presets as possible for the 48 knobs.

perhaps it is better to use an i2c 24c01 memory, and point to the memory to write and read the data.

The arduino eeprom could also be, but it is not recommended if it is written very often

hmm. Ok. I’ll look into it.