Arduino stop working

Does anyone know the reason for shutting down the arduino after a while it stops working then I have to restart it or unplug it and restart it works normally again for a month.

Help friends…

Could be hardware issue, or could be a program issue.

If you are checking millisecond time on the device, it will wrap-around after several days, which can cause issues if your program does not account for that. Could be your program checks time in a way that sometimes misses this wrap-around, but eventually hits it.

If you are allocating memory or using stack, you could be running out of memory. You could also be over-flowing memory you intend to write to and over-writing something else.

If your program is dependent on flow of pulses, one of your nodes might occasionally get an error and fail to send a pulse on to the next step. Your program will basically halt if this happens and you are not catching the situation or using some kind of watchdog reset.

Without more information, it is hard to tell what the problem might be.

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