Arduino Mega PWM Frequency Change

Hey all!

I think this is something that is simple in Arduino IDE but not so much in XOD.

is there a simple way to change the speed registers on a mega? I know if you do it on a uno/mini it’ll mess up the timing but a mega it wont.

I was able to do this on a Due by changing the variant.h file but can’t see it in the same thing for a mega

I’ve found Wiring_digital.c which has some timer stuff in it cant find where TCCRnB is located.

Ive been able to switch the frequency in Arduino IDE with 2 lines of code in Void Setup but those changes do not stay active once its reflashed with XOD

void setup ()
TCCR2B &= ~ _BV (CS22); // cancel pre-scaler of 64
TCCR2B |= _BV (CS20); // no pre-scaler
analogWrite (9, 50); // 19.6 % duty cycle
analogWrite (10, 200); // 78.4 % duty cycle
} // end of setup

void loop () { }

was able to change the PWM Prescaler by using show code then copy and pasting the above code into it and using arduino IDE to upload it.

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