Arduino as Modbus Slave

Has anyone used XOD to utilize an Arduino as MODBUS Slave? Can any examples be furnished?

If you have C++ experience you can try to wrap an existing Arduino library into nodes.

I wonder, what project you’re working on which involve the MODBUS? I’m interested because we possibly do not see a big layer of XOD use cases where the MODBUS comes into play.

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Sorry for the delay in replying.
Was trying to use Arduino as I/O on a PLC system, thru modbus

Have you succeed making library for modbus in XOD?
It will be nice if you can share with all of us.
I’m beginner in programming and having problem in making modbus communication in XOD environment too.


There are many applications Modbus master in Arduino, and many devices are there such as multifunction meters by Conzerve, Satech which as slaves send data to Master where it can be used for monitoring n control purposes. I am interested in this application.