Absolute encoder

hi there guys

i am hoping there is someone out there who can help me out with a project i am working on.I have a ship that has a 360 degree rotating propeller for steering the vessel ,the old controls for the system are obsolete so am looking to replace the controls .There is a demand encoder at the helm and a position feedback encoder on the propellers direction control leg .It has a port and starboard direction solenoid, to activate the hydraulic steering motor and follow up to the demand position.I have a working system using incremental encoders but it is flawed with problems when the system is powered down. I am now looking to use absolute encoders so if any position changes made when powered down ,will be corrected on power up …can anyone help with this problem ? i am very new to this and would appreciate any help i can get.

many thanks for any pointers

An encoder isn’t going to provide an absolute position. You need something like a potentiometer for that. An alternative would be to have an initialization routine that moves the propeller to a known position (usually determined by moving until a sensor is triggered), then move to the desired position.