A5600 and xod: possible?

I’m looking into using one of these:


Is it currently possible to use cod to measure stuff?


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You should be able to easily use this device by using analog-read to read the OUT pin of this module and digital-read to read the DIR pin. It should also be possible to use the IIC communication, but it will be harder to code for.

It doesn’t look like there is an existing library to implement communication for you, but using the OUT/DIR pins should be pretty straight-forward to implement.

Great. Thanks. I guess the IIC can be set up via pins normally.
Otherwise I will see if I can make stuff work.


I think you can read the OUT pin using analog-read and the DIR pin using digital-read. This approach should be straightforward to implement in your code. While IIC communication is possible, it might require more complex coding without an existing library.