433MHz 4 channel remote control

Hello, I’m using 433MHz 4 channel remote control.
433 receiver keep last data and cannot send same data again.
If I want to clear the last data, send new data then clear the last data.
I would like to know how to clear the last data without sending new data.
I would Press ‘A’ button and turn ON the relay and Press same ‘A’ button turn OFF the relay.
Appreciate your reply.

You don’t need to clear/set the data each time, you need to process data each time data is received instead of ignoring the Rec pulse. Here is one solution:

If you run into problems where it seems to process old data each time receiver gets data, you may need to add defer to the 443-receiver-Rec output, then send it to the gates. This would guarantee that gates have new setting from current 443-receive-Value and equal nodes before getting the pulse.

Hi gweimer,
I just tested, it’s all working perfectly. Thank you so much.

Hi bradzilla84 and wayland,
Thank you for Rf 433mhz libraries

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