220V relay problem


You shouldn’t need to replace any if-else nodes in the patch I provided above. The if-else(boolean) node just needs to exist to compile the patch. To create it, you will want to create a new patch in the same project & name it if-else(boolean), then copy/paste the patch from if-else(number) [or one of the other existing nodes) and replace the input-number & output-number pins with input-boolean and output-boolean pins with the same names.


Thank you for you help ! I’ll try to make what I want with that ! :wink:


@gweimer Do you think, with that program, it’ll be possible to add more Value, scrolling down and add pages. For exemple:
-1st page: we can choose between Light or Pump.

Then, by pressing a button it bring to a second page:
-(if we press Light): we have Time ON: 00:00 and Time Off: 00:00 and then we can change the values of these times.

And add other submenus like this ?
Or is it too complicated ?
I find the program of this men https://create.arduino.cc/projecthub/MattyZ/code-free-lcd-menu-generation-using-xod-582d36?f=1#
but it’s not working. Have you already test this thing ?


You could easily add more values, but adding pages with multiple values on each page would be more complicated. Changing what values are presented based on previous selections will also be more complicated. Both could be done, but only adding additional values to the list can be easily done by copy/paste of existing code.

There is an older discussion on menus you might want to look at: Lcd sub menu I2c


I saw this discussion already ! :wink: The link to the projet on hackster is the same than this I put above and something goes wrong during the deployment. I’m not able to figure out why :sweat_smile: it’s to complicated for me. I’ll wait for him to respond to my comment :wink: