Trasmettere codici rfid via radio

come posso trasmettere dei codici rfid via radio

vi ringrazio per il vostro aiuto
Fiorenzo Ruscelli

Have you looked at the library xod-dev/pn532-nfc — XOD?

If you are trying to fake RFID tags using a radio transmitter, then you would need a physical transmitter. How to communicate with it will depend on the transmitter. Only RFID card readers have existing code in XOD; you would have to write your own code for the transmitter.

non devo fare nulla di illegale devo trasmettere dei codici, per poi con un ricevitore devo attivare un modulo di sintesi vocale.

XOD has code for RFID receiver that could be used to trigger audio. The “transmitter” for RFID is usually a card or dongle with a miniature transmitter and coil to provide power. I would assume there are options for generating different IDs from the same device so you can send specific codes on demand, I just don’t know anything about them.

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