Sleep until switch raise error during compilation

Hello nkrkv,
in the last xod version your Great “sleep until switch” node make an error during compilation.
Can you solve the problem?

Begin compiling code for the board Arduino Nano :package:

C:\Users\gst\AppData\Local\Temp\xod_temp_sketchbookuFJ5bf\xod_1607753840659_sketch\xod_1607753840659_sketch.ino: In instantiation of ‘void xod::nkrkv__avr_sleep__sleep_until_switch::Node<constant_input_WAKE>::evaluate(xod::nkrkv__avr_sleep__sleep_until_switch::Node<constant_input_WAKE>::Context) [with unsigned char constant_input_WAKE = 2u; xod::nkrkv__avr_sleep__sleep_until_switch::Node<constant_input_WAKE>::Context = xod::nkrkv__avr_sleep__sleep_until_switch::Node<2u>::ContextObject*]’:
C:\Users\gst\AppData\Local\Temp\xod_temp_sketchbookuFJ5bf\xod_1607753840659_sketch\xod_1607753840659_sketch.ino:1275:36: required from here
C:\Users\gst\AppData\Local\Temp\xod_temp_sketchbookuFJ5bf\xod_1607753840659_sketch\xod_1607753840659_sketch.ino:1149:24: error: invalid use of non-static member function
attachInterrupt(g_interruptNum, wakeISR, CHANGE);

Error during build: exit status 1
Compilation failed
Command Process exited with code 1
The generated C++ code contains errors. It can be due to a bad node implementation or if your board is not compatible with XOD runtime code. The original compiler error message is above. Fix C++ errors to continue. If you believe it is a bug, report the problem to XOD developers.

Hello together,
Has anyone a Idea to solve the Problem?

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