Servo works differently

I was following this video for servo motor,

I put exactly the same values,but in the video it rotates continously,then stops when letting the button, while my motor rotates just a to a certain degree and stops when pressing the button, then gets back and stops when letting the button ,does it have with motor type to do ? my motor is micro servo sg90.

That is difference in service type. Normal servos use value to move to a specific position and cannot move much more than 180 degrees. Continue rotation servos have the stops removed and disconnect the position potentiometer from the server motion so that “center position” is stopped and sending signal to move “farther from center position” causes the servo to start spinning faster in that direction.

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ok…so it supposed to be right…but my motor rotates only about 30 degrees, is that its value ?

There is a slim chance that is all your servo is capable of. More likely, it is the values you are feeding it. If you want full motion, you have to move from 0 to 1.

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