Old and new timestamp for small alarm system

So I wanted to make a small alarm system for my room.
I have an rtc device for the time and an 16x2 lcd screen.
I wanted it like it shows the time of the previous alarm and from the current alarm, so basically I want it to save the last Timestamp.

gweimer/utils/queue-buffer would allow you to save as many timestamps as you desire. utils-example-queue demonstrates how to use it. You would not need POP functionality. Count would be replaced by node that has timestamp. push@5 node would be replaced by your alarm trigger.

There might be an issue depending on data-type used for timestamp…select & buffer nodes need to support it.

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Nice but cant import it cause xod servers are kinda buggy today… :sob:

So yes as you have said it doesn´t work because the timestamp comes in a sting format.
I thought it would be really useful if you made another buffer with sting support
Than you!

Updating to the latest version of gweimer/utils should fix the issue. Since you should only need push option (not push & pop), you should not run into the issue I had in utils-example-queue resolving pin types.