Nokia 5110 LCD compilation

I’m trying to compile and upload program for Nokia LCD. Error message looks like some Adafruit libs are not installed, however display lib was installed. Begin compiling code for the board Arduino Uno :package:

In file included from C:\Users\LENOVO\AppData\Local\Temp\xod_temp_sketchbookgrxgvV\libraries\Adafruit_GFX_Library\Adafruit_GrayOLED.cpp:20:0:
C:\Users\LENOVO\AppData\Local\Temp\xod_temp_sketchbookgrxgvV\libraries\Adafruit_GFX_Library\Adafruit_GrayOLED.h:30:10: fatal error: Adafruit_I2CDevice.h: No such file or directory
#include <Adafruit_I2CDevice.h>
compilation terminated.

Error during build: exit status 1

Hi, you can try this library

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