NeoPixel from Adafruit library: automatic

Here’s the screen shot of the first working program. Turns 1st pixel red, then turns it off and turns the next green. Impressive!

This is a proof-of-concept for mechanically producing a XOD library from an Arduino library. I fed the Adafruit Neopixel library in, and got a XOD library out. Pretending there are no further bugs, I could do this for most Arduino libraries.

Code for doing the conversion (and the generated XOD library, and this example) is at:

I just finished, and it’s 11pm. So, It’s too late to do more of a write up. Look for more on this topic this week.


Incredible, very good job :clap::clap:

:astonished: This is amazing. I was very sceptical regarding to automatic conversion of a C++ library to a XOD library (actually about conversion of C++ to anything), but you broke my arrogance.

And although there are still questions to consider (delays, data types friction, etc) it looks viable. Thank you for sharing!

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Wow this will make things a lot easier. :smile::smile:
Any chance you can publish this to Libraries?
so i can compare?

I upload it manually, but I do not see the output pin to the port :neutral_face:

Yea looking at it now…
Looks promising :smile:

@cesars, @bradzilla84
I need to write up a lot about this. I plan on doing some later today.

the output pin is in the “constructor”: “adafruitneopixel” patch. It’s “p”.

The library is, as you discovered, in the github for manual loading. That’s one of the things: naming. It’s a mechanical translation from Adafruit, so author name? And I want to indicate that it is a low-level-rough-translation.

Beware, this is just a proof of concept! So, not really intended for real use yet. But, if you are happy playing with it to help discover issues, that’s what we need.


I can’t find this library in XOD. " awgrover/adafruit-neopixel-ll " is not found…

The library does not exist with that name, the library is awgrover/adafruitneopixel

Regarding that name the details are here Need Critique of Automatic Neopixel library

I screwed up the naming a bit.

Look forward to your further development of your neopixel library :slight_smile:
Nice job so far (Y)

Is there anything that you need that is missing? Do you want to use it? I’m more likely to work on it if someone will use it (and give feedback).