Need Help to create a XOD warp library for Read RC receiver

Need Help to create a XOD warp library for Read RC receiver
I’m working on robot project platform that derived by 2 Stepper motors (2WD ROBOT)
The idea of the project is a robot to help children with Autism and help them interact with others
I’m starting with (driver controller) to drive the 2 motor using XOD
When I input the RC signal to the controller(using pulse in long node) and convert it to the position of the motor, the Arduino automatically reduces the speed of the motor.(even if the nod not connected)
When i cancels the input Rc signal, the motor returns to its normal speed
thanks a lot in advance

Dear xoders

i found this library’s it my help

Nikkilae said:

Using interrupts (instead of pulseIn or some equivalent) to detect pulses means that reading the signal can be done in a non-blocking way. This means that using PPM Reader doesn’t significantly slow down your program’s code and you can do any other timing sensitive processes in your program meanwhile reading the incoming PPM signals.

The library uses zeitgeist87’s InterruptHandler library for object-oriented interrupt handling. A copy of a compatible version of the library is included in this repository.

This library reads and decodes PPM (CPPM) RC signal from a radio receiver.

Processing is loop independent
Allows to use delay in loop
Does not conflicts with Servo library, that means you can not only passthrough decoded channels to servos, but also to process it in an easy way. For example to write a mixer

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