Multiple DS18s20 per port?

Good day.
I have 3 DS18S20 sensors in the project, I want to connect them to one Arduino port. The above library is connected, but it allows you to work with only one sensor on the port. You can implement work with several sensors on one port and realize the function of reading the serial number of the sensors, what would be the understanding of which sensor to interrogate? Otherwise, the implementation of the OneWire protocol functions for these sensors does not make sense.

Hello and welcome to the community, @churkin!

There is no OneWire support in the standard library yet.

But you can implement a wrapper over OneWire C++ library (as it done with i2c) and use it. If so, it will be cool if you share it to the community :slight_smile:

Check out these articles:

Or you can just write custom code for your case only.

Good luck with it :slight_smile:


If you want to do that, perhaps I can help a bit by doing the initial conversion of an existing OneWire library. I have a tool that can (usually) generate most of the nodes. The tool is still experimental, but that means it needs further testing.

Send me information if you’d like to try.