Is there a "pulseIn" node?

I’m new to XOD and I’m trying to find an equivalent to the Arudino “pulseIn” function found here…

Arduino Reference: pulseIn()

I have used the Arduino “pulseIn” function flawlessly many times on my own projects, but I can’t seem to find a node that does the same thing. I use “pulseIn” to measure IR signals (a 38KHz carrier frequency signal modulated by the data being transmitted) from Laser Tag equipment.

Thanks in advance!

It should be easy enough to build one, but it will require C++ code. The node for ultrasonic range finder uses while loops to simulate the pusleIn command if you want an example of how that can be done.

There is also the gweimer/ir-remote library for reading IR codes, but I only have the keyestudio IR to test it with. It requires manually installing the IRRemote header files included with the library.

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